LIVIN' LIFE I Gave Up Giving Up Stories

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Grape Juice. Then Sit Back And Watch The World Wonder How You Did It!

LIVIN' LIFE I Gave Up Giving Up Stories

By: Renosha H.

#IGaveUpGivingUp on pursuing my vision that God created for my business. I always wondered why my friends/ family wasn't being very supportive of my dreams; and it would continuously hurt my feelings to know that the people that were so close to me wouldn't be my number one supporters. I gave up giving up self doubt because others didn't see the greatness in my vision and put my faith in God!

I'm now a full-time successful entrepreneur all because I never gave up on myself despite all of the non-supportive people around me. Now everyone is trying to figure out how I was able to accomplish my goals with the support of complete strangers that didn't know anything about me! I hope my story inspire others to never give up on your dreams and continue LivinLife even when others don't see your journey to greatness!

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