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I Finally Finished Nursing School

LIVIN' LIFE I Gave Up Giving Up Stories

By: Paulastyne Moore

I've always had a desire to be a nurse. I went to college after graduating high school but soon found out after only 1 semester college life was not for me so I went to work at an insurance company. 1 year later I still had a desire to be a nurse so I completed LPN school and successfully obtained a License to Practice as a LPN. My plan was to work as a LPN and complete studies to become a Registered nurse but I let "life" get in the way. Marriage, children, bills, doubt, and complacency. I gave up on getting my nursing degree.

Fast forward several years when the opportunity presented a chance to obtain a nursing degree! I "gave up on giving up" finishing that degree, replaced my doubts with prayer, finished the nursing program, passed the state exam and I am now a Registered nurse.

When I saw the advertisement of the t-shirt "I Gave Up Giving Up" I could so seriously identify with the phrase that I had to purchase and wear one. I am now "Giving Up" not becoming healthy, not losing weight and not being physically active. It is past time for contemplation, it is time for action. This is my story.

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