10 Years of Livin' Life

10 Years of Livin' Life

Ten years ago I started Livin' Life® as a creative outlet for myself. Shortly after finishing college, a challenging time in my life, I made myself a few custom t-shirts with inspirational phases on the them. The t-shirts were a fun way for me to encourage myself to enjoy life and not be afraid to pursue my dreams.

After receiving many compliments on the t-shirts, I decided to start selling them. I drove around Atlanta selling them out the trunk of my used Toyota Matrix. I had no idea what I was doing, but at that time I knew my journey was just beginning.

I learned from my mistakes and was able to slowly grow over time. I never thought making custom t-shirts for myself would turn into me running my own brand. It's been a LOOOONG journey! I have learned so much and I continue to learn more as the brand grows.

I want to thank everyone that has supported my vision. From those who have been here from the beginning to those who are just now discovering Livin' Life®. The love that you have shown is truly AWESOME. You have given me an opportunity to do what I love and I am truly THANKFUL!

Here's to another ten years!

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